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Living Space launches primary care clinic for people experiencing homelessness


Living Space is excited to announce the addition of new community supports for people experiencing homelessness through the launch of a primary care clinic out of Living Space’s community hub, located at 27 Cedar St. North. The service is made possible through a collaborative partnership between Living Space and a group of passionate local doctors. These doctors including Dr. Louisa Marion-Bellemare, Dr. Julie Samson, Dr. Karen Armstrong, and Dr. Chris Clark will provide primary care each Wednesday afternoon starting February 3rd, 2021. Examples of support provided through the clinic includes: 

  • • General & physical assessments 
  • • Sexual health, including PAP tests, access to birth control. 
  • • Immunizations. 
  • • Wound & Diabetic care 
  • • Referrals to treatment and support. 


The clinic is supported by a Registered Nurse/Living Space’s Manager of Health Services; Ashley Mathew, who has developed and implemented the Health Services program at Living Space in collaboration with community stakeholders. In addition to the new clinic, the Health Services program at Living Space includes free access to: 

  • • Foot care via Rainville Foot Health 
  • • Psychiatric assessment via CMHA 
  • • Dental care via Pearly Whites Plus 
  • • Trauma informed counselling via CAST Clinical Services 
  • • Testing via the Porcupine Health Unit 


“The primary care clinic is an important demonstration of the type of systems integration and collaboration required to end homelessness in our community. The Living Space community hub creates equitable access to supports, and the addition of the primary care clinic will help to ensure that people experiencing homelessness are able to rapidly access treatment and medical care; leading to improved outcomes in finding permanent housing and exiting homelessness.” stated Jason Sereda, Executive Director of Living Space. 

Dr. Julie Samson added, “It is well known that shelter care which integrates health care in a homeless shelter environment makes a significant difference in helping individuals experiencing homelessness not only get the care they need but also help them get out of homelessness. This is a service much needed in our community and our team of physicians are very excited to be involved with the development of this project with Living Space. This Primary Care Clinic will be working closely with other agencies to help patients navigate the system depending on their needs and improve health outcomes.” 

The addition of a Primary Care Clinic helps Living Space achieve its goals for the community, as Living Space is both a strategic partnership as well as a physical space. The aim of the partnership is to end chronic homelessness through the re-alignment and coordination of services. These services are made available to the community through the physical location of Living Space. Ending homelessness in Timmins means working collaboratively across sectors to respond to local priorities and address barriers that inhibit the prevention and elimination of homelessness. 

“Ending homelessness can only be achieved through the hard work of dedicated people. The commitment from our health care partners to help people where they are will serve not only their immediate physical needs, but also foster trust and understanding.” Stated Brian Marks, chair of the Living Space Board of Directors. 

Living Space expresses thanks to the many community partners who have made this initiative possible; specifically, the Timmins Academic Family Health Team, which has helped to facilitate discussions and opportunities for partnership. “Access to primary care services is critical to improving the health status of all residents in Timmins. The Timmins Academic Family Health Team (TAFHT) is pleased to assist with supporting the logistics required to launch and sustain the Living Space Primary Care Clinic and will work with community groups to end homelessness in our community.” Stated Jennifer McLeod, Executive Director of the TAFHT. 

If your business or organization is interested in providing support to people experiencing homelessness, or for more information about the Health Services Program at Living Space please contact Ashley Mathew @ ashleyloran@livingspacehub.org or 705-531-7233. Ext. 104 


The Economics of Homelessness

In this comprehensive and compelling presentation to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board CAO Brian Marks outlines a powerful argument for a “Housing First” strategy to solving homelessness.  

Did you know that…

There are countless dedicated professionals across Timmins working day and night in an effort to address chronic homelessness, welcome newcomers to our city, and provide services to those in need? Feel free to self-explore the many contributions they make and how they enrich the social fabric of Timmins.

They CARE.

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Words Matter.

(Photo) Mushkegowuk Tribal Council Grand Chief Jonathan Solomon and Timmins Mayor George Pirie embrace one another as they celebrate the renewal of a commitment to work together toward the betterment of Timmins/Mushkegowuk relations.

The City of Timmins and the Mushkegowuk Council officially renewed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2020, committing to the continued development of stronger relationships to build more vibrant CARING communities.

The renewed agreement was signed in Timmins, during a meeting of Mushkegowuk Council’s Special Task Force for Healthier Communities.

“It is a tremendous privilege to be signing this agreement,” said Timmins Mayor George Pirie. “This is not just an idle comment – I believe we can show Ontario and Canada what reconciliation looks like. The spirit is in this room,” he said.

Mushkegowuk Council Grand Chief Jonathon Solomon recognized that a lot of work lies ahead, which will include challenges and issues that are delicate to talk about, such as racism.

“As we move forward, we need to stay united and stand together,” he said.

Read the document – CLICK HERE

Community Safety and Well Being Plan

 “To achieve the ideal state of a sustainable community where everyone is safe, has a sense of belonging, opportunities to participate, access to services and where individuals can meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, income and social and cultural expression”


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