Hope Comfort Kits and Community Outreach

Little Things That Make A BIG Difference


HOPE prepares comfort kits for the homeless and those at risk. They are shared with local agencies. We also do outreach regularly and distribute gift cards to those that are living rough. Hope also manages the kitchen supplies and meals at Living Space.

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Now in our 4th year

H.O.P.E. is now in it’s Fourth year of service!

Over the past years we handed out thousands of HOPE kits to the homeless and at risk population of Timmins, thanks to generous sponsors and tireless volunteers. H.O.P.E. started out solely handing out kits to the homeless and in need in the community. During winter months, coats, mitts, hats, and scarves were also collected and handed out. Thanks to some amazing volunteers, kits are still being made every month and distributed to community partners. With colder temperatures approaching fast, more kits are being made than during the rest of the year. H.O.P.E. is in need of hot hands/feet, tampons, deodorants, and small packages of wipes. H.O.P.E. calls these comfort kits, as they can bring comfort to those in need, taking away the worry of how they are going to afford some of life’s basic necessities. One of the most expensive things in a budget can be hygiene items, often being set aside during a shopping trip for food items. This is how H.O.P.E. came to be, and is still a vital part of the operation.

H.O.P.E. also fully launched its Mission Nutrition initiative at Living Space, taking over the responsibility of running the kitchen, and serving meals to fill in gaps in the amazing community food programs. This program is fully donation based, both with volunteers and food donations for meal preparations. In October 2019 we served 4129 plates, including 1161 lunches, 579 dinners, and 1480 evening snacks. Our generous volunteers help prepare and/or serve meals that are prepared on site in the registered kitchen at Living Space, or generously provided by local businesses or community partners.

None of this work would be possible without so many of you! Whether it be shares of posts, donations, volunteering, or helping create contacts, you have all helped create something amazing and helped show love and compassion to those at their lowest point. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY TIMMINS!

As the winter months are coming fast, we always see an increase in the amount of plates served per meal, as do all community food programs. Our focus is on providing healthy and nutritious meals to fill in the gaps. Your continued support is so appreciated, and on behalf of our homeless friends, thank you.

As we move forward with no funding, it is so important to send out a call to our community at large to assist. You can continue to support the Mission Nutrition Initiative by donating grocery gift cards, cash donations (can be sent to helpingourpeopleexcel@outlook.com), and donations of specific items H.O.P.E. calls for here on our Facebook Page.
Items we are always in need of are: Sugar, Milk, Bread, Eggs, Lunch Meat, Juice, Meat (such as ground beef, chicken, pork etc.)

If you are interested in Volunteering or being a ‘Guest Chef’, please contact Julie Levesque at 705-266-0079 or via email Julie@livingspacehub.org

What do you CARE to donate?

Here are some ideas:
Nail clippers
$5 gift cards from Tim Hortons or McDonald’s
Cough drops
Chocolate treats
Hair elastics
Journal and pen

We can’t do this without your help. If you want to prepare and donate a stocking, want to buy items to put in the stocking or simply want to donate stockings, please let us know. Donations can be dropped off and put in the bin at 125 Elm Street North. Etransfer monetary donations are also accepted at:

Deadline is Dec 14th. Thank you all in advance.
You can also call Julie at 705-266-0079.

Drop off your donation

125 Elm North
Timmins, ON


Some of our supporters

Paul Woodward - The Bucket Shop
Paul Woodward - The Bucket Shop
Timmins Youth Wellness Hub
Timmins Youth Wellness Hub


Kristin Murray and Gary Martin
Kristin Murray and Gary Martin


Julie Levesque
Julie Levesque


Become a HOPE Comfort Kit Supporter

You can also call 705-266-0079 and ask for Julie

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