Living Space

CARING for those in need.

Living Space – a CARING step toward stable housing.

Living Space is a non-profit corporation dedicated to ending homelessness by providing services, shelter, project coordination and planning.  It operates programs, including free low-barrier emergency shelter at 27 Cedar Street North, where a range of community partners offer CARING services to help people transition into stable housing.  Living Space coordinates planning, volunteer training and funding applications to support efforts to end homelessness.

Living Space – Explained.

What is Living Space?

Living Space is a non-profit corporation dedicated to ending homelessness in Timmins through the provision of programs, shelter and systems coordination. Living Space is a co-ed homeless service agency in Timmins, ON that operates 24/7/ 365, aiming to connect and support those experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness in Timmins with the services required to achieve and maintain stable housing. Living Space became a registered charity in February 2020.

Guests accessing services are required to engage with staff, develop and work through goal setting plans aimed at returning them into stable housing. Living Space staff actively refer guests to mental health, addictions, medical and various other supportive services in the community, ensuring the required wrap-around supports are in place to support guests. Shelter services are offered in a housing-focused, harm reducing and trauma-informed way and meet all individuals where they’re if they require shelter services.

Focused on building capacity and developing life-skills Living Space operates various housing-focused programs including:

  • 30-Bed Emergency Overnight Shelter – Often the first contact for those experiencing homelessness, the emergency overnight shelter provides immediate shelter from the elements for those with no other place to sleep in Timmins.
  • 12 Transitional Housing Units – The Transitional Housing Program allows individuals to learn and build life skills and connect with community supports prior to moving into independent housing. Transitional Program Workers work with guests daily to develop and maintain goal-setting plans working towards achieving sustainable housing in our community.
  • Rapid Housing Program – Beginning in 2020, the Rapid Housing Program became operational at Living Space. As a form of shelter diversion, Rapid Housing Coordinators collaborate with various community agencies to house individuals with wrap-around supports in our community. As the first step in shelter diversion, these Coordinators provide intensive support to both the newly and chronically homeless.
  • Day Drop-In – In-line with COVID-19 restrictions, Living Space currently offers a 10-person Drop-In during day-time hours. Individuals accessing this service engage with staff to work on housing and goal-setting plans and participate with various other social service agencies who provide programming during the day.



Community Outreach.

Community and Street Outreach mobilizes housing-focused programs at Living Space to those who may be disconnected or unable to access mainstream supportive services. Outreach utilizes trauma-informed approaches to build strong relationships with those sleeping rough in an effort to reconnect them with services and supports in our community. This relationship-building is vital to connect individuals with the supports they need to move off the street.

Community Outreach goal is to save lives by providing housing and referral supports where individuals are the most comfortable.


Community Safety and Well Being Plan

 “To achieve the ideal state of a sustainable community where everyone is safe, has a sense of belonging, opportunities to participate, access to services and where individuals can meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, income and social and cultural expression”


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